Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Political Circus Circus

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Since the 1970’s I have been watching the political wrestling matches. Throughout that time I have watched the same namespace figure heads talk about the same issues, with less and less reality up till today. Not that this years election is any different in the content, both parties are still talking about the same old bullshit, with as much reality as they always have. I am not dumb enough to believe the bullshit they spew during the campaign, both parties are owned by corporate interest, this is a given. I guess knowing this gives me the advantage, so I can look through their BS and find what other motivation they may have. I also try to follow the money behind the party. If you put any stock in the money trail, then forget the Republicans because they don’t have the right money behind them. Yes McCain does have the majority of oil money behind him, and with his “maverick” choice of Sarah Palin only cinches that. Does anyone know who Todd Palin works for, well if you look hard enough you will find out that he works for BP (yea, that’s British Petroleum). What is the significance of that, well I can’t say exactly, but it doesn’t take but a little conjecture to realize that BP would really like to have more influence over American politics. This goes a lot towards the British ownership of the United States, but that is another subject all together.

So I watch this farce play out for the enjoyment of the American public, making minute comparisons between Republicans and Democrats like there was some difference between them. Well yes there is, but it is in their delivery, not in the reality of their operations. They sold the company years ago to the corporate interest. However the corporate interest unfortunately do not know that they themselves are interrelated, and that their interest are driven by older charters than they themselves even understand. So the company continues to capture more land and wealth, while the poor plebs continue to awe over the circus of the campaign and the various clowns that operate within the big top. People sit around in their workaday lives, tramping back and forth to their little plots of asphalt and concrete to mine some social science information from their neighbors. They spend their time creating paper that will be destroyed by others, only to be re-created by others. They continue to re-write the history of the people, to better reflect the design by the company. As they do so they are generating the history story that will be told by their children through the public educational system. So what are we concerned with, is Ms. Palin the right choice for Vice President for the United States of America? The truth is it doesn’t matter; she is the right choice for President for the oil companies, so if I were McCain I would be worried. The “big oil” companies are hedging their bets, they have invested in McCain, but they are concerned that he will try to reform something, so they put Ms. Palin in to ensure that if he does do something “maverick” like, she will be there, the ever vigilant good girl of the ultra conservative front, to step in and handle the situation, if something was to happen to Mr. McCain.

How does this translate to the Obama camp? Look a little closer at his money trail. Pharmaceuticals and Industrial Chemicals, which are the active ends of what, oh yea that’s right “big oil” once again. Well, that and the lawyers, who are the puppets of the company. So you are thinking now that “big oil” is the company, are you? Well you would be wrong. Look a little closer at the individuals in the money trail. Sort of the long tail look. Both the candidates have heavy investment from the Rockefellers, with Michael hedging his bets by spreading lots of money between both camps. There are others, not just the robber baron era power, but also really old money. Seek deep, and you will see royal houses behind every choice. The United States of America, is as charted by the Carolina Charter, a corporation of the royal British house. However even the royal house is diversified. The Dutch Trading company, long time empire, with such names as DeBeers, has made sure that they have close relations with the British royals. Where did Britons come from? Look to Rome, to find the ruling class. As you continue back you find that there is even more tie-ups through the various royalties. So how does this tie up the Obama camp. I would like to go into the royal houses of the Egyptians, but that would take to long. Just accept for now that the Egyptians were not what they are said they were. The royal house of Egypt was not from Egypt but from Ethiopia, and perhaps even further into the deep African grass lands. They did not just travel north to Egypt, but also south to Kenya, so where is Obama from? There are no coincidences, just well thought out plans, that often are so long in implication that they are uncalculated by the workaday peasants that seem to think that by watching some bullshit political circus on television they have some handle on the reality of what is going on.

So I am going to make a prediction here, and as I might be wrong, I have been before, but I am going to say that according to my research that Obama is the next President of the corporation known as United States of America. However; there is a little twist to this. I am not saying that Obama is the best person for the job, but that if we are allowed to have the right to vote, he will be chosen, no matter what the various factions decide. It is time to move to the new era, and because the royal houses are looking to move on the western front, I believe that royals are likely to cancel the election either before or very quickly after the election. They may have miscalculated their target, and the Chaney Bush team made some disturbing mistakes trying to implant their own agenda into the master agenda of the Norse royalty, so it has made an opening for the African house to move. There is a wild card out there, the royal house of China is moving a few pieces now, and I think that this is significant and will impact even this election. The royal house of Briton is trying to work with its brothers to make additional plays, but their pick of Palin is not going to matter, as McCain is a lose canon to the royals. I don’t know if anyone realizes this or not, but John McCain’s name translates to son of Cain; the house of Rome will really like that, since they are very aware of this. This also makes the point that Mr. McCain has ties to the Cainans or even Middle East houses, through the Kells.

So the drama plays out in the media circus circus, with the blood being spilled by the peasants and the artist just waiting to know what the field will be before they begin to move with their jesters and fools ready to take the whole scene apart, as the show must go on. All the while the priest are making busy to protect their carnal interest, hopping from house to house in the hopes that the royals will accept their council rather than that of the fools, and providing the always appreciated service of manipulating the plebs into more compliant workaday wage slaves. Will you sell your service for a few coppers and a promise of health care that is the question you have to ask yourself?

Well until next time… Sleep Well,

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