Friday, September 05, 2008

John McCain Will Focus Farm Policy on Those With Clear Need.

John McCain will veto any bill containing special-interest favors and corporate welfare in any form. As president, John McCain will base our farm policy on the common good, with policies that help our small farmers to succeed, and our rural communities to survive and flourish once again.

John McCain opposes providing billions to subsidize large commercial farms—those farms with an average income of $200,000, and an average net worth of $2 million--while American workers and taxpayers struggle to buy food due to rising prices.

As president, McCain will seek to cap subsidies to farmers whose adjusted gross income exceeds $250,000. This will ensure that small farmers are provided with a reasonable safety net, while protecting the taxpayers from subsidizing lucrative corporate farmers.

He will fight to put an end to flawed government policies that distort the markets, artificially raise prices for consumers, and pit producers against consumers.

What will Mr. McCain do for the farmers? This is not a policy, this is a cover story for votes. This bit bullshit might get party voters excited, but it does nothing for farmers. Farmers deal with real issues, not hype. I would like to hear him talk about real issues. What is McCain going to do to help new farmers trying to purchase farms, when the average farm today cost close to 2 million dollars to start. How will McCain help local markets, because sending our food to foreign markets does not make sense to the average farmer. Opening the foreign markets only help the corporate buyers. Here's the deal, this year the average grain farmer purchased their grain seed at above the current CBOT price. Now this summer the CBOT index shot up to record highs, which would have been great if the farmers could sell their crops at that time, but unfortunately the crops were still in the ground. So who could profit from the CBOT increase, the buyers. Companies like Cargil, ADM, and Bungee are able to sell at those prices and reap huge profits. This huge sell off by these huge agribusinesses wipes out the market, and when the average farmer finally gets their crops in they suffer a loss on cost for all their work. Ah but the corporates are generous, they offer to buy at above the current market prices, providing the farmer with still no profit, but a better price than they could get on the open market, so the farmer has to sell to them to hope to at least break even. What does this do, oh yea puts the grains all in the hands of the few companies that profited from the CBOT windfall, so they will have the stores of grains ready for the next time the CBOT jumps, and the farmer with a loss that will continue to put them closer and closer to losing their farms. Oh but the corporates are compassionate, they will buy the farm and let the farmer continue to work the farm, as a sharecropper. What incentive is there for the family to continue. Most family farms are run by people who have off farm jobs just to be able to pay the bills. Farms are not profitable because farmers do not focus on local markets, because people like John McCain say lets open up the foreign trade so we can profit, but who profits from that scenario, those corporate agribusinesses that he says he won't subsidize, because he doesn't need to, they are so ridiculously profitable thanks to the political favors, that they don't need them any more. So what will he do for the family farmers, the same thing that everyone else has, piss on them again.

Thank you John McCain for towing the line like every other politico. I would like to think you are different, but I too can follow the money trail, and like every other person in the system, you are bought and paid for.

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