Thursday, September 04, 2008

"I'm again'm" Alex Jones

Well that's nice. No, I am not against Alex Jones, or what he does. As misguided as he might be, in some areas, I listen to him, accept his opinion, and often comment on his articles. He is doing some good stuff out there, but he like others like him, are missing part of the story. David Icke has the same problem, missing some of the puzzle. I am not saying I have the puzzle completed, all I am saying is I know I am missing something, and that I think is the difference.

Today listening to Alex, I heard him go on about the New World Order, and how he is against them, no matter what they are for. He just opposes them, no matter what. While that is noble, it does seem to limit his perspective. Myself I began designing the New World Order when I was 14.

This is not to say that I am in alignment with the Neo-Cons or any other organization, it is that I worked on a program that would change the world, and yes it did include an elite element, but that is because one thing most people do not realize is that not only is an elite order, but that we the people want them, no matter what version of illusion we would like to believe. Are the organizations that we see the elite, no. We do not know the elite, they are not the families, or the rulers of the world, but something else all together. Somewhere I recently wrote an article about the class system, unless you are completely asleep, you are at least aware of two classes, even if you do not know it exist.

Is there a new world order, no. It is the old world order in a new light. I proposed a new world order years ago, and maybe this has gotten out somehow and that has provoked some people to do something. It included eugentics elements, children raising, many different aspects that people are talking about. This was when I was still sure that this was the way to go.

I have now produced new documents that provide a new world order based on an old world order. If you want to combat the new world order, going out into the streets and screaming about the agenda of NWO will only play the game. To combat the NWO get local.

My only request to Alex Jones is that he needs to support local community and local agriculture more. Talk about the solution, and the solution is local, your home, your community, not Washington, not the UN, not the world, but right here, right now. I really do like Alex Jones, but I would like him to address the solution a little more. If he needs help, he can look at this blog, or my other blogs that all deal with and other subjects like this.

I have often talked about starting an internet radio show, and I probably will when I get broadband, but until then, keep reading this blog for more information.

Carry on Alex, you are part of the solution, thank you.

Sleep Well,

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