Thursday, September 04, 2008

Health Professional Storm Troopers

Have you been to the doctors lately? Talked to a nurse, or other health practitioner? Ever wonder where they get their information? Look to the American Medical Association and other societies of higher learning. Wisdom should tell you that they don't call it medical practice because they have the right answer. Some years ago, oh about 300 or so, medical practitioners separated themselves from the chemist and pharmacist to study the biological system from a systemic point of view. They wanted to separate the biology from the person, and treat disease rather than people. Well not exactly, at first it was to take the religion out of the practice of medicine, but they created their own cult, and now they are lost to the cultist demi-gods.

They are now the tools of the very organizations that they originally they wanted to separate themselves from. Today the pharmacologist and legal priest operate the medical organizations, and people should not have to ask why the medical complex is not exactly what it seems.

So how are they now storm troopers. Well not really like we think of them, but be careful the next time you talk to any one in the medical field, because they are now given the directive to try to change your life if they feel it does not align with the moral code of the current American society mores.

There is so much more to this, but I will not waste much more of your time. Investigate for yourself the truth, it is out there.