Friday, August 15, 2008

You got Soul
That certain something and you don’t know what it is. You can not touch it; it is just there, that you are certain about. How can you be certain about something that for all intents and purposes does not exist? Something that only the priests tell you is real, is worth anything at all, and in most cases is more important than the physical self. How can you be certain that it does exist, and what is it? What if it was eternal, continuous and not nearly as mysterious as it is made out to be? Maybe it is something so simple that even our best scientists are unable to grasp the truth of the soul. First you must accept that the soul is a label of religion. The same internal something that drives our will to survive and our need to reproduce, could very well be that same something that we “think” is immaterial. Are you ready for this, there is no soul, in the common sense of the word, but there is something that is in every one of us, as well as every other living and mineral compound that exist. What we do not understand is the break down of the compound is such that it leaves behind residual images, or often leaves some flickering energy that continues because there is so much free energy in this world, that it can feed on that for a duration that to us, such short lived individuals as we are, perceive it to linger, at least in its half life state. We do not understand energy decay, or nucleic acid decay, or decay at all. We do not comprehend the half life of the self, because we are so concerned with our own existence we can not possibly take the moment it takes to understand that we are but one of a billion creations that naturally progress, either through natural selection, or through design, not by an unseen hand, but by our own creators, and thereby the developers of our design, through a simple means, of imprinting the chemical decay of our chemical structure.

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