Saturday, August 30, 2008

Watching Me

On 20/20 last night they had a story about search engines and what they track. So they hinted at the fact that search engines track me. Besides already knowing this, I also subscribe to Stumble, Digg, MySpace, and several other social and bookmarking sites, all of which track how I use the web. It is my experiment to see if I can be tracked throughout the web. I really would like to see what others think I am thinking. Can they tell from what I search what I think? I guess it will take some time to figure out. I also have several blogs, which all have different aspects of how I work on things. So maybe if they put it all together they might get some idea, but somehow I do not think they will. I somehow think that if they did put everything together I might be expecting a knock on the door from the government. It is not that I am subversive per se, but that I certainly touch on lots of subversive subjects. But what is subversive? I think that subversion is kind of subjective; one person’s subversion is another person’s conversion.

So keep watching me, and if you feel the inkling, tell me what you think I might be thinking, it will be entertaining, at least to me.

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