Sunday, August 31, 2008


Drug rehabilitation is for the rich. For the most part only those that can afford the ridiculous prices of the rehabilitation centers, either with cash or with their insurance, can afford rehab. For those people that need rehab that do not have high grade health insurance, or are just plain rich, there are fewer options. There are a few options, but most of them are publicly funded options that do not address the real reasons people are addicted to drugs, but just the physical addiction. The medical rehab is good for detoxify, but does nothing for the person, which means once they have left the detoxify program, they will relapse, making the process a waste of public funding. That of course may be why they are in operation. Public funded projects tend to be that way.

The same seems to be for prisons, which at this point are another holding point for drug addicts and drug pushers. Well not all drug pushers; some drug pushers are given a license to push drugs. We call them Doctors.

More to come...