Saturday, August 23, 2008

I feel like I should be upset, but I am not really. Today I received an email from blogger that one of my newest blogs was flagged as spam. I wonder why they have done this. They say it was picked up by their bot, but I still wonder what triggered the bot. Was it the links, because if it was, I use links all the time in my blogs, to point to references or to other sources, or just other sites I find interesting. Was it because the links were in a row, all mushed together, because they were all relative. Well maybe because I was indicating a list of companies that all have serious control over our food supply. Was that it, because I mentioned companies like ADM, Cargill, Monsanto, Exxon/Mobile and a few others that continuously use genetically modified seed stocks to feed the world population, as well as other types of chemicals (see Exxon/Mobile (formally Rockefeller's Standard Oil)). If that was it, let me add a few others to the list. They know who they are, McDonald's, Coke, Walmart, GE, Shell Oil, BP, awe hell the list goes on forever. Oh shit I did it again, I put a list of links in a stream of words to the bots may look like nonsense, but to the humans with half a wit, as few as they may be, know the difference. I have never been one of those that think Google is some evil corporation with evil intentions, but that they are yet another corporation with profiteering intentions. I do not know why they flagged my blog, and I hope that they will give me some explanation, although I do not expect that they will. I will continue to say what I think, and if it continues to get my blogs blocked, then I will move to another service from another provider and so forth.

If naming certain corporations flagged my blog, then what took them so long, and how long before I can expect the men in black. If they only knew the things I have written and taught others, then I guess I am destined to be caught in the web, but as yet I still believe in the freedoms we still do have, and that through the use of such mediums as blogs and other forms of electronic publishing, we can still have an effect on the populace, or at least some portion of it.