Thursday, August 21, 2008

Farmer Withdrawn from Board Nomination
Blethen Maine Newspapers

Gov. John Baldacci on Wednesday withdrew his nomination of an organic blueberry grower to the Board of Pesticides Control after intense lobbying against her by groups that represent conventional farmers.
Pressure from conventional farmer lobbyist has successfully prevented a fully qualified person from serving on the Pesticides Control Board, creating a vacuum that will eventually be filled with a person who is not environmentally connected, as is per their own board charter. They will continue to reject nominations that do not suit their ideal, until they can place someone that does support their ideals, even if this person may indicate that they do not. This is one example of how the organization is operated in the minor leagues along side the main stream agenda. This story will not make major headlines, and will soon be forgotten. This is a bell weather story, look for more stories like it throughout the country; it will tell you more than most of the “big” stories that are carried by the USDA funded media. When corporate congress can not affect national debate, and the corporate lobbyist can not control the legislation of national programs, they employ tactics such as this on the local level to protect their corporate interest. Look to see how much of the “conventional” farmers on the Board of Pesticide Control are funded by companies such as Dow Chemical, Cargill, Monsanto, Exxon/Mobil (Rockefeller's Standard Oil), ADM, Bayer Chemical, and others, who are then funded by internal actions from the larger heads of these corporations, whom are closely related to individuals that are connected to certain families.
Grass Roots movements are quickly extinguished through the same practices, and in the new world, now they are easily subdued through incarceration, with new laws we the people enacted through in-action, or fear. I have stayed in active for long enough, I return to the liberation front, ready to do the necessary actions that will provide the means for liberation of the people, for the people, even if they do not realize they need it.

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