Friday, August 15, 2008

As simple as it seems, energy is the force that creates life, as we know it, and as we do not know it. When we think about energy, we usually think about light and heat, and some other common forms of energy in their various stages of decay. What we do not understand is that energy takes many forms, is in many states, and at once it is always decaying at a rate that is imperceptible to us, although we should be able to understand it, because we as an entity are born to die. Now you would ask how energy would have intellect. That is not what energy does for us, the various synapse that fire in our brains that are taken for intellect are forms of energy that we mistake as our own creation, which they are not. They are parts of the greater purpose, to reproduce carbon copies. Our urges, our desires are fine tuned through ages of repetition and training to survive in a different atmosphere. As we are creations of elemental concoctions driven by energy decay, we are no less than manifestations of our own worth, no greater a value in nature than a gnat.

This is part of a series I am working on, published here in more or less reverse order so that in at least some way it will work out like the series I am working on.