Sunday, July 27, 2008

Public debate on Public Education

Sometime around 1635 the American public embraced their first public school. For all the noble reasons that upon first scan may induce from this humble beginning Public Education has never been about educating the public.

I don't expect that this will be an agreeable point for most individuals to see, although there are some that may have touched on the subject, the basis for the rationale is particularly dull, considering the true vision that is projected by a ill society.

As I grew up through the public school doctrine the matriculation into mediocrity became the banner fro which I would continue to uphold that it was not I, but the doctrine of public policy that demonstrated the deviation from real value in education. At which point did I fully realize this perversion, is hard to tell, but it certainly is evident in my earlier works, where I demonstrate the need for a more compliant society, not just in the British colony of United States of America, but in the Global community, as such we are only part of the Global society, be that as it is, there is only perceived borders of political boundaries, which as yet are fast to the mass of society, because they do not understand that a fee person is entirely a figment of the collective imagination.

Therefore as I quote either or any of the others who have touched on this subject of Public Education as a tool of social engineering, this will then provide you with a difference, however will not provide you with the whole of the social restructuring, as that would require a whole different medium, for which this program is not suited.

At this time I would like all readers to look at this article, for which I found on site while researching this article, which I decline at this time to write, although I will continue to contemplate the subject for the sake of potential future concerns. The article is found at, a article or transcript really of a speech given by John Taylor Gatto to the Vermont Homeschooling Conference. As my research at this time does not include an understanding of John Taylor Gatto, other than precursory mention in this and other articles i have read, the full extent of my understanding is that I need to find more information on the origins of the man and his crusade.

Suffice to know that this will not be the last I will speak of this, and in the future there will be more to this subject, with appropriate citations and references, as I would not want anyone to mistake this as conjecture and hearsay, without at least the ability to interject on that point that at least I have made the attempt to provide adequate sources for my bias.

That is all for now, please stay tuned for further updates. I will then publish this and other works further in a PDF format to be distributed as is felt needed when sufficient universe of data can be authored to make such undertaking worthwhile.

In the meantime I am back to the grindcore, working for the man, until such as time allows me to break the chains I have placed on myself in an attempt to conform to modern society.

Conformity has never been conducive of progress.