Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I have three basic plans in the works, all of which could be solved with one great plan. What I need is some enterprising people to come in and provide me with the financial assistance to get out of my hole and obtain the resources necessary to put my plans in action.
The first plan build a small eco-contracting business, this will provide a regular inflow of capital to the operations, no matter what else happens. The key thing to the trades is that they are always in demand. Someone somewhere is always in need of repair of some type, and that is what this plan is all about, providing trade services to people who need them, affordable, and with a conscious. It is simple in application and cheap in financing, so it should be easy enough to implement. A side benefit is that it works to also provide additional educational opportunities to people who are interested in learning about the trades, as built into the plan is the plan to offer training to interested individuals who are willing to apprentice to the program and learn that a little hard work for the right reasons is worth more than just a paycheck.
The second plan is to build a larger product company, that produces goods that could be sold to people, that again have the people and the environment in mind. Starting from what I and my wife have already developed, a personal care line of products (although we have lots of development yet to go there as well), and expanding into areas that I have only touched on before in other plans, to such products as home cleaning products, home decor products, home health products, and many other consumer goods and commercial products.
The third plan is the one that ties all the other plans together. This is the farm plan. It is more than just a farm somewhere in the middle of a rural community, but a plan for a new paradigm built around an understanding of traditional and ancient agricultural techniques. It is a place of education, teaching skills and technologies both new and ancient. It is a community, supporting the current community culture, but also helping to produce a new type of community that is repeatable and therefore can be reproduced and expanded to suit the needs of any community, be it another rural community, or one that is set in Urban city or in the Congo, it doesn't matter, the basic design and development works wherever it needs to.
So you see that with these three plans although not well described here in detail, there is potential for the complete solution. Is it the perfect solution, this depends on your definition of perfection. Will it solve the world's problems, well it might help, but the world is in dire straits, I don't think it needs solving, it needs dissolving. I will continue to refine and define the plans and further integrate them into each other, as well as bringing in other elements as yet to be mentioned. I am looking for people interested in talking with me about this, seriously talking about this and how it can be financed. I know that there is lots of money out there for the purposes that I talk about, and that money is not a problem, but that it is a matter of the right combination of numbers to make the people who do finance these things satisfied that it is a workable plan.
I know it will work, I have considered the cost versus the profit many times, and in all cases unless you were completely ignorant and set out to just destroy the plan, it will not only profit, it will profit beyond average earnings. I don't like economic models and financial forecasting. It is all exercises in futility, and has not real basis in prediction. I would prefer that someone just consulted the astrological charts, because the game theory is as ridiculous. I understand cost, credit, and even the markets. I know that there are cost that are associated with operations, and that there are problems with profit, cash flow, and loss. I also know that for the most part these exercises are mostly to ensure that the person that the financier is providing capital to is aware of these factors. I know this and I am certain that if someone were interested a bean counter could easily be hired to put some numbers on a page, generate a chart, and if that was done there would be no more truth in it than if I just showed a chart that went up. Is there a demand for Organic products in the market place, the simple answer is yes. It represents 32% of the consumer market, it is a 32 billion dollar industry, and so on and so forth. I can quote data sufficient to make your head tired with statistical bullshit, but what does it all mean in the long run. That's right, absolutely nothing. If the person behind all the operations is not smart enough to take advantage of the price differences, does not charge enough to cover their cost, and does not understand market dynamics, then who the hell cares if they can make spreadsheets and charts that show dramatic results, it is all bunk. I can continue to talk to you about market numbers, people, and statistics. I can take my products to the people and sell them at a profit and show you that they are worth every penny that the consumer pays for them. Which one is more truthful. What if I were to say that in the first year of operations the farm will lose $500,000.00, but earn 1.5 million. What does that mean? Well to the numbers people it means that I must of earned enough to cover the cost, but what it really means is that I have a greater debt to profit ratio. For the first three years of operations the farm will lose money, because it takes three years to obtain full Organic certification, without which the farm can not charge the premium that the market allows for Certified Organic Products. Does it mean that the farm is not making money, no it does not. It means that we are not making as much money as we could make once we have achieved a certain point where the market has decided that we should have to earn the greater value for our products. In the meantime, we are selling basically all natural products at a price that reflects their less marketable value. In three years the Organic Market will be twice what it is now, and will have three times as much value, so we will be able to get three times as much for our products than we could get now if we were able to market them as organic. The point is the financial dance is game theory and it does not indicate performance, value, or potential, but statistical bullshit, that can be skewed to suit whatever terms would suit the reader best. I can find as much data that is positive for the organic market as negative, and neither one provides any better picture than the other. They both provide only a guess as to what is possible, as well as any astrological chart, or tarot card.
So that's the basic thing, here I have a plan, to help not only myself and my family to create a legacy, but also to help my community and potentially many communities, but where is it going, no where, because I don't have the patients for putting a bunch of false hope on paper for some idiot to read what they want into it.
Get in while you can, that's what I say, but then again I am just another wide eyed optimist with a half baked plan for world domination.


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