Sunday, July 27, 2008

I am now the new Priest of the next Generation of Accolades of Abyssinian Obsidian

Or so it is told by the last Priest of some other pathetic version of the truth, and given to me, then as a babe, the wisdom to screw up the truth, with the perversion of the words used to deceive the populace, while providing in clear doctrine the way that will point directly at the deception, only to be overlooked because like the sand it is far to simple to be seen for what it really is.

Inside the dark crystal of ignorance there in lies the wisdom of ages, passed over for its crooked dementia, which has only existed in the post industrial environment.

It is not an environmental problem, but a manufactured one, and the environment is but one part of the whole that is obscured by the clouds of rusting iron that dot the landscape of the new post megatropolis that is already in place and the architects that have over the last few centuries demonstrated their willingness to boldly blaze new paths through ancient traditions unwillingly generated a society experiment that went horribly wrong several times before they were able to find a more perfected experiment style. This is in effect today, continues to be in effect, and will remain in effect for any time that anyone that could read this will understand.

They have created the knowledge they speak of, they have generated the constructs of temples to this knowledge and closed the doors on the wisdom, for all but the few to understand that at some point the priest were central to the society, but have become ineffectual pleasure seeking creatures of perversion, and that religion on its surface is a subjugation of society, designed in its origin to subjugate the society, and that through this perversion they have easily taken what they have desired, consumed resources and poisoned both the physical and meta-physical, with lies, hatred and deception.

This leaves only the few artist, aloof in their ivory towers, kept diligently at bay by the middle class deception, from the individuals and slowly drained of their wisdom and programmed for extinction.

The divine is perverted, the perverted is divine. The mass illusion perpetrated by the supplanted priest of "unknown" origin, have successfully, almost, provided the dream quality that provides the perception of reality, while just out of site, through the looking glass, and in the corner of the darkness there remains the truth, deep in color, in hue and saturation, provided one is not afraid of the darkness.

By a singular entitlement, and the light of a single flame, bright in its singularity, and defense against the darkness, this is the mechanism that provides fuel for the millions of ignorant beings for whom which the flame is dangerous, and has all the markings of taint. This deception is complete, it is known all to well in popular media channels now boldly portrayed as fiction, as ridiculous fantasy, while in truth there is too much fact out there, in the collective mind, untouched by the common person, because the fear is too great.

I smoke too many cigarettes, and drink too much coffee, to pacify my mind, because otherwise I would be where others like me are already, in cells of our own design.

That they haven't found me, and provided me with a physical cell to match my meta-physical one, is reasonable. I have kept my peace, I have slipped into oblivion, within the very fabric of the silence, but even now this ridiculous transfer of half lies is very close to their oracle, and with this publication, they may find more reason to form the physical barriers that would keep those such as myself even further from the children of their flock.

My soldiers are out there, slow and dimwitted, as for now, under the spell of the common society, but they are there, ticking the hours in placid silence, unaware themselves of what will soon be the truth. As they gather in and out of the fabric of the web, they are eroding the very twine that holds the loose knit taprestry together. I work now for a missionary, but his knowledge is limited to his obedience to the cause, he knows not what havoc he holds close, what enemy he stands before, awaiting his next instruction through the various means of subliminal communication his captors will use on him, if they feel that my threat is again surfacing.

As luck would have it, I am totally stupid, and dumb, so as not to confuse the issues, or be easily duped by the pretty colors of the techno-morphine of the New World Order. Let me restate that, as far as the Gods are concerned, I am only a priest of the Abyss, the darkest regions of Obsidian, Jade and Tourmalines.

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date...

Sleep Well, if you can?