Monday, October 01, 2007

What do you Believe part 1

The key thing is that we don't know. That we are unable to know, either in science or in religion, for we have no way to verify the history. The past disappears with each day, and decays with alarming speed. That which we do discover about the past is our perception of the past, not the facts. We can only guess at what is provable, and with that, the religious text also are but accounts of what is subjective perceptions of a past that was before the authors of the religious text. It may be that man developed through intervention by others, as it is sometimes suggested. The gods, as it is actually written in the bible, until at some point the managers of the christen religion decided that having more than one god would complicate things. They did their best to re-write the passages, but some still exist today, and are evident in older versions of the bible that persisted. At one time it was deadly to have an older version of the bible, because that disputed the current version. Over time religion has become like any great business. I think that it is losing in the competition with more secular businesses. As we try to dissect the history we only find that we know less than we did before. This is key to vision. Learning what you don't know, that is key to illumination. Not everything is as it seems, and somethings that are not what they seem are really not what they seem. The greatest threat to man is himself, his ignorance, his intolerance, and his lack of vision. The concept of a God is rather easy for people to accept, it takes the responsibility off themselves. That there are really many gods is a matter of perception. There may be other races of creatures that have a greater intellect than we do, believe it or not. Just as the thought that we are the sole world in the thousands of millions of universes is ignorance and arrogance, so is the thought that there is one god, or that there may not be those that consider themselves gods. Gods themselves may be "working" for other gods, as horses work for us, only because they do not perceive any other options. We do not see any other choice, we are presented with a limited view of the universe and time, especially time. We do not remember enough time to understand the future, never mind understanding the past. Perhaps even the present is only one of many different possible choices, only we can't see those other choices. Maybe there are several or hundreds of side choices that we are not aware of, or only barely aware of.

Sometimes I see things, I feel things, hear things, know things, that do not exactly align with what I perceive as the reality I am fed. Sometimes I think that maybe these are shadows of other worlds, or other dimensions. I guess that the great sorcerers of the stories (myths) might have been other gods. I look through the myths with the eye that they are sometimes hiding truth that is denied. I read volumes of books seeking any kernel of truth, only to realize that maybe the truth is simple, is right before me. I question my own beliefs, and those of others, but only to understand. It is with this that no answers are provided, but the questions become clearer. I cannot answer any of your questions, but I can tell you that you are only beginning to look down the path to enlightenment, as enlightenment is a process, not a place, it is the path, but not the only path, and it is a perception, but just maybe not the only one available.

If you just look hard enough and deep enough inside your self, you may find that the answers for what you seek is inside you. Maybe you are just not asking yourself the right questions.

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