Friday, September 28, 2007

Used Book Stores

Independent Book Stores in Rochester, NY

I am a huge fan of books, and especially used books. As much as I am a web user, even to the point of reading books on the web on such sites as Project Gutenberg and others, but I still like the feel of a book. I collect some older books, and even on occasion I sell them on eBay.

Well since I moved up to Rochester this May, I don't know where any of the book stores are, except the ones i used to go to in far away places. So I am doing a search for good independent book stores, especially the ones that have used and old books. I will also be looking to list the local Libraries where often you can find good deals on used books. I often find good books for sale there, and maybe even a gem or two that I keep for my personal collection.

I need to find a bigger house, so I can buy more books.

I started my search with the big dog Google and this is the result. Then I opened up my search to the other puppies, here's Yahoo's result. Remember when Lycos was a contender, they had this dog mascot, I thought it was cool, well here's their result. Oh yea, I can't forget the wannabe search, didn't they have a different name a while ago, well here's their result. And there are others, but I think that's enough, so I will look to build a review for all the stores that I check out in the next few weeks. Before you get uppity about me not including Microsoft, I just didn't think their results were needed, since they were the same as everyone else.

Well tomorrow I will start to drill down these results and see if I can't find the best ones, and maybe some that are not worth the time. Stay tuned...

Sleep well;

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