Wednesday, September 12, 2007

This is some old Jazz I wrote a few years ago, just thought I would put it up here, and that way I could edit it for use later maybe.

No books to guide us in our way, only the elements of order, in their own way, so free and boundless, only natural selection can be this random.

This is a distinct advantage, for we are not bound by particulars and interpretations. Probably the most difficult part is the label. I have never been good with labels. When you label something it becomes something else, not precisely what it was. Nothing becomes nothing because we attach a certain meaning to that. Therefore to properly name something the intonation intones with that name are carried over. People are most comfortable with names. Without them discussion is difficult. How do you discuss or study, whatever. There are no tombs of text from which to draw upon. From what scrolls do we pull our rituals, and ceremony? Without these trappings of literature, how are we to determine who we are?

Do we risk such witty report as the temple of the elements, or elemental temple. We could short cut the mess and entitle it the Universal Church of Light, or Utilitarian Church of Worship, or other such suspect, but perfectly usable labels.

We could call it a Gian Temple, or other such goddess house. This connotes a setting that may not entirely sit well with others. We could call it anything, but anything we label it, will brand it, whatever way that label is taken.

I suppose we need to understand our following. Groves are traditional, but so are temples (for goddess worship), so we are very much not exclusive to those traditional, but still they represent part of our past. We are pagan by default, and the ancient meaning has long been homogenized.

What is Witta, is it some form of belief? Is there such a thing as a natural religion? Does there need to be? Can one have organized chaos?

What we need is establishment, some form of stickiness that will hold the audience.

Now I am not absolutely certain when I wrote this, but it must have been during that period where I was contemplating what it would take to begin a new religion. Why the hell would I want to do that, you might be asking, well if you knew what a great business religion was you wouldn't be asking that. I am certain there are plenty of people out there that take their religion seriously, and many of them are practitioners of their chosen religions, often priest (pastors, or whatever they wish to be labeled) and they are right to feel that way. If it were not for those that believed so resolutely in their belief then there would be no religions. I am of the mind that it doesn't matter what you believe as long as you do believe. That may be echoed by others in the religion business, it may not be. Call it faith, call it whatever you will, it is this aspect of religion that makes it positive, because the other aspects of religion hold no hope for the hopeless.

Let us take it for what it is. It is a great deal, just give me some money and I will guarantee that you will pass on to a better place when you are done living in this hell. Ah, heck if you don't go to a better place by believing in my God (or various replacement) I will 100% refund your money given to me all these years. Yes that's right, buy this book, and pay me 10% of your income, and you too can find salvation in the hereafter. I mean really what a deal, how can it fail, no one yet has ever complained, I have 1000's of satisfied customers, no a one has ever asked for a rebate. Even if you stray to another sect or brand you never ask for a refund, and they are not required to give you a refund. Try this the next time you decide to change from religion A to religion B. Go to the head of religion A and ask for a refund on all your money that you have given them because religion B is the real thing and you have been defrauded by religion A. I am betting that at best you might be able to sell your old religious text on eBay, but beyond that, there's no refund with your tithing's.

So I never did make a religion, just let it go, and have since been a poor beggar with no Cadillac or house filled with golden idols. I am now just a humble servant of the earth, lacking any followers, but just as happy, if not able to pay for my bills. I want to change that, but I don't think it will be through the religion game because I really want to sleep at night, and at some point it would become impossible if I had done such.

That doesn't mean I won't entertain a little banter on religion, as I still study the origins of religion and society for that matter, so now you know a little more about me, how the fuck does it feel.

Sleep Well

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