Monday, September 24, 2007

Not the Usual Crap

Now I might be a bit cynical here, and I am certain that I am, but I have had quite enough of all the bull shit. People need to get over themselves, in oh so many ways.

I am no advocate for socialism, fuck that, I think the bastards that decided to use that term to mean communist, or some other form of government, didn't understand what a society is. I am not a liberal, not a republican, or conservative, or any of those other fucking useless terms people use to find disorder in their lives. No I am apolitical, not against government, shit even if I was what the fuck good would it do, there are too many of them, and more just waiting in the wings to take over when the current ones fail to entertain the current crop of blithering idiots that seem to feel the need to have some form of organized institution control at least 99% of their pathetically simple lives.

So that established, I'm listening to Bob Dylan singing "Lay Lady Lay" and wondering if that says anything about me. I am forty years old, so no I am not a fucking hippie, get that right out of the way. Now I have used the "f" word lot today, not the normal for me, when I am writing. I do not usually write it, but today I am writing the way I talk, which isn't pretty. Does this change my intellect, now only you can tell that, but for me, no it does not, only if you are to tender to handle the truth.

So here we have only one example of this shit. Do you drive a car? Have you been living under a rock any time recently, then maybe you do not drive a car. Or maybe you are one of them die hard social environmentalist, who seem to think that if you ride your bike to work you are going to save the planet. Fuck the planet, let us focus on trying to making our limited stay on this rock as good as possible. We are not going to save anything. First things first. We humans are going to die, every last one of us, at some time. This planet will swallow our tender hides and not even blink, so fuck that, focus on life here and now, so to speak. Sure there are many generations of us biped cockroaches yet to come, but the truth is even the cockroaches will be eliminated if the sun goes nova, and we can't do a fucking thing about that.

So that out of the way, how the hell can we make the next few thousand years of existence on this watery meteor worthwhile? Simple, get over yourselves. Back to that question, do you own a car, or three, whatever, do you own car(s)?

If you answered yes, or at least own some form of personal conveyance, then you are part of the problems, not part of the solutions. So what give up your job just so you don't need to drive to work. No, did I say anything about giving up your job, although if you live more than a twenty minute walk from your place of employment maybe you should reconsider your employment or place of residence. This doesn't quite reach that far, although I have some opinions on that as well, just wait.

So what about that car, what is the solution to that? Maybe you should go get yourself a nice electric car, because everyone knows that most people never travel more than forty minutes from their homes, so why not a nice electric car. Well that would be great, but it doesn't really address all the issues with personal conveyance. First it still doesn't address the issue with how the electricity is produced, most of the time with expensive coal plants, so there you go environmentalist, drive that cute little electric car and think you are doing your part. Shit you are not even helping, just clogging up the roadways with gutless pieces of shit that can't get out of their own way. Now some of you are saying, oh yea, that's right, trash them tree hugging pinko commie hippie types, well you redneck ignorant shits just wait because your lashing is coming soon. Like that I have now pricked the fingers of most of America, and that's good, because you all need to give more blood.

So what the fuck is the answer, if not giving up your Hummer and driving a Toyota Prius? Are you that fucking dense? It is really simple, get over yourselves. Get over your self absorbed view of how much control you have over your pathetic existence, and wake up to the reality that you are a consumer, even if you do all you can not to buy from the "military-industrial-government" complex. Face it you need food, you need other resources, you are a net consumer, and you feeble attempts to balance the scale by producing more useless crap, or servicing the other consumers is just more bull shit you feed yourselves to ensure that you get your daily intake of shit, so you can say look at me, I am doing all I can. Fuck that, if you were doing all that you could do, you would be in prison, so don't go that route either.

Man I don't make this easy do I. Well my little ones, it ain't easy, so get over that too (that is the proper use of too, learn it you fucking idiots that use it to mean to but more so). I could right now go into the whole shit load of things that bother me about these idiots that do not realize they are degrading their own language by using "new speak" terms, and using "net speak", like they have invented something here, and they have, but it has been around for years, it is called illiteracy.

So how can I not use my car? You can't, so let us start there. First what you have to do is encourage the people that run your lives that you are to stupid to operate a motor vehicle, which if you have driven on any of the roads lately, you would agree that people are right on track for doing that. Write to the industrialist and tell them that you want your car to drive for you, so you can text your BFF or whatever other fucking lunatic bullshit it is you idiots do with your fucking cell phones when you should be guiding that missile you lovingly call a automobile. Why is it so dam hard to understand, let's see you have 1400 lbs of sheet metal and various other composite materials traveling at 65 mph and what the fuck are you doing, oh yea that's right, trying to get that new HD radio station in you heard about while you were talking to the other fucking idiot that should be driving their car. So now is the time, and believe me the technology is there. Look at the numbers, every single air plane (really known as a jet liner) that has crashed has been because of pilot error. No auto pilot system has ever, let me say that again, never in the entire history of computerized flight, has a computer caused a mid air crash, not in the big jet liners, not in small planes, commuter jets, or military jets. Do you know why that is? It really is simple, computers compute numbers and plan for one objective, prevent the crash. Humans guess, they say things like "that car looks farther away" or "he will look out for me" or any of the other various self centered bullshit that makes them feel better about themselves, while they go about their senseless lives in complete oblivion trusting that the government will take care of them if they fuck up, again. They are right, but they don't say it, do they. That's right, you never admit that laws are out there that protect you from your own stupidity. I am not talking about morality here, that is yet another barrel of bull shit. No laws that state if you back out in front of me I am some how at fault. Well yes I should not have been on that road at that time, but then again if the idiot that was driving the car that I just pushed into the tree that was innocently sitting there, should have been thinking about the thing he was doing, not about the best place for happy hour, or the next time he will get some good girl to fuck him. My theory on that is if I didn't hurt you by hitting I should have every right to smash your head through your window, just on the basis, that maybe if you get hurt bad enough maybe you will start to think before you drive that death trap onto the road again.

Ok, I don't really believe that, but dam, there are some times when I am driving done the road that I really would like to. The fact that I don't act on my thoughts means I am still at least indoctrinated enough that I am still swinging on the cage door, afraid to make that leap onto the laboratory floor and become the real predator that I was born as.

So yea I have the solution, but it is just like some form of social engineering, so for now I am going to let it go, and let you all think about it, while I ensure that I have my aluminum foil hat near by, you know, just in case that mumps or small pox vaccination they gave me wasn't really an early form of nano RFID transmitter. Laughing at me yet, keep laughing joker, because they are tagging your food supply, your pets, and pretty soon coming to a hospital maternity ward near you, laugh while you still can.

Sleep well...


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