Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Natural Laws, Attrition vs Attraction

Although I believe in the law of attraction, I also believe that the law of attrition prevents everyone from applying attraction. There is a finite resource, if we believe that the universe is infinite, then we must also accept that attraction is infinite, yet it is not. Again the universe can not be infinite, as that detracts from the natural truth of resources. Each reflects the other, the universe is reflected in the individual, and the individual in the universe. The individual is finite, therefore the universe is also finite. This is evident in the death and birth of stars. The physical reflects the spiritual or meta-physical. As more is attracted to one there is less for all. As one gains others lose. This is attrition. A set of finite resources are distributed, and energy is only so thick, given the narrowness of the energy at the edges of the source, attrition is greater than the attraction. A black hole attracts all that is nearby, although some particles escape (low amounts of attrition). Farther away from the black hole the escape energy is greater than the attraction energy. The dark matter makes up more than the light matter. The very point of the black hole is all light, is pure attraction, while farthest from it is nearly all attrition, or darkness. As nothing escapes the black hole, nothing escapes darkness. The duality of nature reflects the duality of the universe, just as the atom is reflected in its particles and all things are made of atoms, even those things we can not see or perceive like dark matter.

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