Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I have often seen art presented on the web, and not being one that is a stranger to art, I appreciate it well. However on occasion I come across a site that demonstrates my preference for artist more so than some others. I am not speaking of the actual work here on display, as I regard the nude to be of such a subject that for the most part most people could not appreciate it, except that it has erotic or sexual contamination. I appreciate this site for the understanding of the artist themselves of their own part in that field of creation. And for that I post here my recommendation that sometime in your life you take a look at this site Univers d"Artistes (http://universdartistes.blogspot.com/). I can not give more than this, even if you were to ignore the photography, the content would be worth the look, but please check it out, because without art we are but empty flesh, and that does not matter the subject, as I have discovered that the subject is subjective. I really wish I could do more justice to this site, but you really have to see it for your self. This is what the internet is for.

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