Friday, September 28, 2007

Ages of Consent

Of drinking, of driving, of consent, where does it end. At which age is the appropriate age for whatever activity. How do we judge maturity is a better question. This leads directly in the idealistic concept of prostitution, or even marriage. While historical basis provides examples for all sides, as there are not two clear cut sides here, so does the the bleak pronouncement of the future if current trends persist.

This is not to say I do not agree with ages of consent, in a respect of what privileges are allowed, but that I am uncertain that age is a sufficient factor for the determination of culpability of consent. Whereby I might agree that at 14 years of age no one, not even myself has enough culpability to be consensual in any true sense, I cannot say that is exclusive. Even in modern cultures there are examples where "children: as young as 14 were more culpable than some "adults" in their 30's.

In Americas especially we are resigned to the double standard of individual versus the majority welfare,. I don't believe every 14 year old should be given the go ahead on such matters as sex, alcohol, driving or even contract ability. However I do believe that not every 18 year old is culpable enough to handle most of these same issues with the necessary maturity. Even less so now than forty years ago when such decisions were part of a 14 year olds choices. Over these 100 or so years the Americans have continued a practice of mitigating morality through legislation that may serve public interest, but I leave that for public debate. If these trends continue, not only will the drinking age be 21, but so won't the driving age, the contactable age and any other legal privilege granted the the authoritarian government, that has taken upon itself, in the best interest and public concern, or it's representation, to authorize what is socially acceptable moral behavior.

In the moral concept of a a society is such that it requires judicial rule and authoritarian permission, perhaps then the basis of the society is corrupted.

I do not believe this is true, but I haven't completed sufficient study to formulate a reasonable argument as yet.

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