Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cooking With a Hammer

A few years ago I wrote a book called "Cooking with a Hammer". I never published it, because I was an idiot and I thought the publishing field was full of bullshit, and I was not going to hoar myself to them. At this point I wished I had, because I no longer have that book, because it was written on my old Apple IIc which has long now been gone, sniff, sniff. I am now going to write a new book, a tribute to the original, mostly because at this point in my life I can not capture the original cynacism and scathing wit that made CwaH different from the usual cookbook. This new book is tentatively called the "Breaking Down of Bread" and will deal with the making and using of bread.

Well isn't there already a few hundred books on bread, by much more famous people than yourself, you may ask, go ahead you may ask. Sure there are, but that doesn't matter, it used to matter, but today it does not. The best part is when I wrote CwaH there were only bulletin boards (sort of like groups or forums today) on the network, and we only had acoustic modems (the type you had to use with the telephone handset), so finding information was much more legwork. Then when I went into the history of coffee, I had to do research in the libraries, looking through books, now I can search the web seeking ideas and information, be it sometimes suspect, and even include links, as I am publishing this first as an e-book, with POD copies to come at a later date. I will not be using the traditional publishing channels, publishing and promoting this book by myself, so we will see how well that goes.

Unfortunately you won't be able to get a taste of the books flavor here, as i will be only publishing notes here, and not the text of the book, that will be done on Google Docs Writer program. Although BDoB will be only about bread, it will try to capture some of the feel of CwaH, which was about all food and eating in general, but I feel that more books will follow BDoB, each about a particular subject.

So let's see how this goes. I will continue to update here on this blog, or one more pertinent to the subject, as I complete this project.

Thank you all for reading...