Monday, April 16, 2007

Looking into Chocolate's Face

I have spent a few weeks now looking into the processes of converting raw cocoa beans into cocoa and chocolate. I am not really certain what the true difference is between chocolate and cocoa, except that one is usually for baking and the other is generally accepted as the name for the chocolate that we eat in combination with various amounts of sugar and milk solids. My interest is not in chocolate as it is generally known, but as it could be known. My interest is in delivery of medication. There are many benefits attributed to cocoa, and I have seen many of the clinical results. In my search I have found that the use of basic cocoa, not highly processed chocolate, is what would serve to provide the highest level of benefit. I have read about the benefits of raw unprocessed cocoa beans, and I have seen clinical studies, however the studies are performed on fermented and roasted chocolate (cocoa) liquor not on the unprocessed raw beans. I then have concluded that the loss due to some processing that makes the cocoa more functional is worth the minor amount of loss in raw materials.

Well now this is all good, but what does it all mean for medicine. I believe that the delivery of certain medicines could enhanced by using a chocolate delivery system. Here is where everyone is going to say something about sugar, and I will as well. As I have not experimented too much yet, although I will be in the next few months, I can not say much for the use of unsweetened chocolate. My proposal is to use unpasteurized honey to sweeten the chocolate, yet only enough to make it palatable. If the unsweetened flavor is only bitter, it may do better to leave out any sweetener as to make the delivery of the medicine not so desirable that over-medication is a concern.

I have looked into delivery methods for different medicinals. The most likely is the pill form, either in gel caps or to reduce it down to a paste and form into a hard pill. My problem with many of these is that they require fillers, and often starches, and other additives that may not provide benefit for the end user of the medication. My goal is to provide not a pleasant experience with the medication, but one that is beneficial, while at the same time not creating problems as I have seen with many of the other pill delivery systems. Of course this will require a certain amount of testing and discovery, but I guess that is true for most things that have not been tried yet.

Stay tuned as I figure this out, I will add updates to my progress as they are developed.

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