Monday, January 22, 2007

Well this is a first, I am going to feature a banner on my web log.
If you are a fan of dark fiction, as I am, this site has some fairly high quality fiction available on CD. Normally I would just put the link here, but their banner is quite nice, so here it is (above), as a link to their site.

Now that I have done this and have broken the cardinal's rules, I probably will go back to using very few if any images, and not specifically advertising on the log. I use a simple Google advertisement on all my web logs, because it is basic and unobtrusive, for the most part. I am fine with this until it changes. I am fine with Google having domain over the web log server I use as well, at least until they change something that damages my work here. When that happens I move on, and hope to recreate the same else where.

I will be writing some stuff, if not here, in another web log on the same server, that I am considering for publication in electronic publications and print rags such as Dark Recesses. I am not certain they will get there, but I used to write for pay, I may, considering my current situation, start doing so again. The pay has never been great, in copies, or a few dollars, but if you write enough, you get enough to eat. I have received several awards for my writing, but I don't have them anymore, because I don't like awards, you can't pay the mortgage with an award. Last I checked National Grid doesn't take trinkets for payment. If I could I would barter with them, but most multi-nationals don't barter, what a shame. I have written advertising copy for my wife's company, as well as for other organizations in the past, I could maybe help them too, but they would want me to work for them, and then pay them for the privilege. Besides you have to be able to prove who you are, and under the current situation (one I won't go into right now, maybe another day), that is not possible.

Well now I have lost my train of thought, and I guess I will just close up here, because I don't want to start something new when I don't know where it will head. Thanks for listening to this little bit of me, and move along, come back if you wish, or whatever.