Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Template Update Soon

I am dissecting the blogger template as of right now, to ensure that I have all the necessary components. In a week or two I will begin using the new template on my site http://jmsdlog.blogspot.com including the google ad space. I t will then contain code for a banner roll, that will be for sites I find interesting. It will also include a new index and heading that will introduce the site to people coming to the site. I figured while I was fixing the template, I might as well fix a few other things that bother me about blogger. I wrote my first blog on this site for the purpose of introducing the rest of the post to people visiting the site, but unfortunately the post list newest first, which is how I would like it, except I want my first post (the intro post) to be listed first. I also want a banner roll script that will exchange a few banners that I want to put on the site. Now I won't derive any income off these banners, they are not affiliate programs, but sites that I feel are interesting enough to warrant inclusion, but I want the banners to remain at the top of the site, not in the post. Therefore I am rebuilding the template to accommodate this feature. Maybe there is a way to do this already within blogger, but I have looked around and not found exactly what I am looking for.

For now there will be no banners on this site until I get the new template installed. If it works I will deploy it through all of my various web logs. Thanks for taking and interest in this site and hopefully you will find it much easier to navigate and more enjoyable in the near future.

Thank you,

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