Tuesday, January 23, 2007

If you have ever seen this particular web log of mine previously you saw that it used a particular template. It used to use one type of template, and then another, but they were all "Blogger" templates. Well since their template broke and will not now go back to behaving properly, I will have to build my own. This is not a problem, as I code XHTML all day anyway, but the point of using blogger was to avoid having to do this very thing. Now I am forced to because they obviously cannot write code that can continue to behave, or throw proper errors when it should. I am not a flamer, generally, although back in the early 80's we were all flamers and hackers so I guess at one time I was such a creature. Now I try really hard to be tollerant of many things, and have especially appreciated blogger for the ease at which I could post some stuff to their site without having to do the template or CSS work.

Now I will have to do that, so I have downloaded their basic template, and I will now begin to reconstruct it using their code to fit the designs I desire. I will also fix that problem they have about the overflow, which is what happened to my site. It pushed the side bar to the bottom because they did not anticipate the overflow, and now my site looks bad. I wanted to post a banner, which I modified to fit the structure of the site, but when I did get it to post, it pushed the side bar to the bottom of the page. Even after I removed the offending image, the side bar still stayed at the bottom so they have a problem and I will have to fix it because they have no help file on it that was remotely helpful.

Keep checking in with this site to see the new template, if it is appealing I may consider submitting it to blogger for others to use. I will also submit a post to the blogger team that will state that they need to fix their templates to ensure that overflow is handled properly.

That is all for now, Huston we have a go.

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