Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Get a passport before it's too late

link: http://news10now.com/content/all_news/oswego_county/?ArID=92081&SecID=155

Good Morning everyone, welcome to the new dawn experience. Like the sheep lead to the slaughter people are heading to the Post Offices and other locations to obtain their Passports. This is a good idea, I believe that everyone should get their Federal ID as quickly as possible. Be certain that you get your chop while you are at it, because without your chop you won't get and chits and without chits you won't be able to buy Federal food, or even the party whiskey. And how could you get through the night without party whiskey and party cigarettes to numb your brain. Otherwise you might have to realize that your are being led to the slaughter one by one until everyone conforms to the party line. Conform or be cut out from the heard. Accept the party line or you will be sent to camp, where they will ensure that you will not remember why you were here.

I don't usually take a stance on this, as I don't particularly care what the government does. I am not one of those that tries to talk about corruption in the government. I know it exist and that is all I need to know. It is when I idealize the concept that they have my best interest in their agenda. I am not so naive as to ever believe that government is for anything other the special interest. This said, I understand that they must also appease the masses sometimes, and so they pass pathetic policies that have loop holes in them that can be exploited by aware individuals who have their own opportunities to consider. I am often asked what should we do about the government, about their policies, their control, all these issues. You need to do nothing about them, the government does it for themselves. Unfortunately for them even though they have tight reigns on the operations, there are factions that have individual interest that keep competing with the overall interest of the multiple ruling interest. Too many interest to keep everything from degrading. However don't get all secure in the idea that they will implode or something, they have enough of the system set up that they will continue to hold the sway of the masses as they have always done. The rebellions have always been small and even when they were big enough to take out ruling people, they never touched the ruling class. The few have learned that putting individuals in place that can serve as targets for the masses anger is always a good idea.

Well, I go on, but the truth is, for most people it is a good idea to get that chop, your papers, because most people will want to live their Disney land lives, their plastic celluloid dream world lives, where they can sleep peacefully in the knowledge that everything will be okay as long as the government keeps the bad guys in prisons and the crazies in asylums away from us good citizens, eating genetically modified foods and watching our lives on the big screen, as they rape our world and feed off the lives of the unfortunate few that have realized what kind of monsters really run this world.

Sleep well...

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