Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Danze-Macabre: Introductions

You might have heard of Murder Inc., and other various organizations of the macabre. Along the way you will find common threads. Throughout history there have been many people who for one reason or another have ventured into a field we as citizens of a civilized culture can not condone. Be it ritual sacrifice, or cannibalism (an ism does that make it legitimate), there have been examples of either individuals, groups, or cultures that endorsed what we today may consider at least perverse.

So what happens when the concept changes. What happens when the profile perverts. When the concept of the monster turns from what we perceive as normal into that which we have come to accept as some other form deviation. What happens when those that you would trust the most, become the one you should trust the least. When your mother, your father, your sister, or someone like your preacher becomes the perpetrator of such heinous crimes of cultural taboo that we can't help but wonder, can't help but look, into the minds of such grisly lives and to understand better that part of ourselves that sometimes nudges our judgment from the deepest depths of our own demented psyche.

I will be looking at this for a while as I begin to venture through various avenues into this most perverse nature of the human animal. This is not a new subject for me, and has the same fascination as it has for centuries, held the focus of many creative artist and crime investigator alike. Be they detectives assigned to homicide divisions, or writers of horror fiction, perhaps they are not so unlike their subjects of study, except they have denied themselves the truth. The pure truth that may only be found through practice. Short of this perversion, short of this purity, how are we to know what power really lies behind the perception of death, when it comes from hands of another human animal.

You may want to skip over any post that contains this data, as it may sometimes go too deep, and because I realize how this could be difficult for some to take I have devised a method for you to skip past any particular post that contains this subject, for the most part. Look for the heading of danze-macabre to appear in each post title. I will use this as a hint at the content of the post, and that if you feel like you do not want to read about this type of subject, feel easy to skip these post, if you can. I won't blame you or make fun of you if you do look into the soul of the monsters, because we are all capable of the same grim thoughts, and sometimes we can't help indulging that ancient part of our mind that knows that survival is based on our ability to perform acts that by modern cultured society are considered worse than taboo, they are considered despicable.

Now I can't say what is right, but I can say that I have learned that human life is precious. Each beat of the heart is sacred, and I have come close enough to beating my last that I can be certain that each moment we have now is far more important than those we may have yet, or those that we have had. Now I must state here that I do love children, they are delicious on toast, okay that was a bit macabre humor, but the all the same I think that children in general are important to the race, and that we should do all that we can as a community and a culture to ensure their safety. That said I will probably find my most staunch objectors when and if I touch the subject of children. For now I will say that the truth is we do not know anything, and to know means that we must at least look, hopefully listen, and therefore maybe learn how to deal with such subjects with compassion and understanding that will provide us with insight into our own beliefs and mores, if not our own deeply rooted desires.

But I digress, so until the next time that I decide to take us across the floor of the macabre ballroom, farewell.

Sleep well...

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