Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Toady I found the curious condition that allows many to believe that they have some concept of something or another. The condition is that when one persons view is so well accepted it becomes a basis of fact for the majority. This concept is such that it should seem that any story that is artfully created by any particular organization that is such slanted to an earnest view can make a larger impact than if it were locally situated. This condition may very well be the condition that would bring about the events that history seems to report. The bias by which this is done can then be suspect of the slant by the conditions of the current organization that was generating the information in the first place. Therefore the events which we may or may not remember exactly are all possible subjects of such conditions. This is a historical condition that can attribute to further digression at the craft of timely interjecting. Through careful crafting of the lessons that are taught to our children we can therefore re-tell the history through a process of manipulating the information to better suit the audience and purpose of the originating organization. This therefore can in the future create a bias that will be taken in fact by the majority.

A defense that is currently in the stream of media, is the blogg. Through the use of personal journals written by those persons who may have witnessed the accounts can provide a secondary account beyond that of the present organizational account. This is only a temporary defense as anything electronic can as easily be slighted or interrupted by a very dedicated organizational reporter.

More to come...