Sunday, May 29, 2005

Plant Energy Notes

Recent searching has lead me to find that we will definitely need to plant several general purpose gardens wherever we are located. They should be such that they will continue unabated (relatively) on their own, with our harvest being perhaps the only disturbance. To that end we must respect the organisms properties, and learn to harvest at “best moments” when all the properties are correct for the best quality. This is especially true for our personal herb and vegetable (fruit, too) gardens. They should have the design of a balanced natural environment, and we should the properties of the organisms for they will provide us with the most benefit if we do. Perhaps because we do not show reverence to our personal gardens (metaphorically) we stray from our intentioned purposes, and therefore lead unhappy, unfulfilled, diseased lives. Because we accept our existence as normal, we continue to perpetuate and deepen the root problems in the myriad of symptoms that afflict the society. By tending to our own physical gardens we connect to the greater soul of the planet maybe, or something else, balancing of EMI or alignment of the polarizations, but whatever it is, it is what works. It doesn’t have to be much really, just window boxes or patio planters, just something to bring out the energy of plants.

We ourselves have opportunity to not only plant healthy plantings in the backyard b;ut we will be able to document this, share our experience, and help others to find ways to connect to the greater balancing energy of the environment around them. Greening the Earth, one garden at a time. This could help to heal the Earth more than most people would like to attribute to. If more people gave to the Autabon Society, and planted the trees they received for their donations, they would help the planet in ways they might not imagine, as trees last several generations, and provide living habitat for the world, beyond the obvious oxygen benefits to the atmosphere. When we learn to live within the environment, we gain immensely from the relationship. Most of all we help to ensure the future of our species, and our world. A healthy environment is better able to survive even major catastrophes.

Plants of all kinds help in the preservation of all species on this planet. They also enhance our existence by providing us with better sources for nutrition, and better environments when the plants act as atmospheric scrubbers. Of all the available ways to clean your atmosphere, especially inside, plants can serve as the best form of air scrubber. While other systems will do an adequate job, plants work 24/7365. With minimal care (and that can be hired out) plants can enhance every d├ęcor, provide organic balance to the environment, and scrub the air in a room with surprising return on your investment.

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