Friday, May 06, 2005

Brute Forge

© 2005 James E. Doud

The application of heat applied, and strength divided is the sum result of the work that produces the art. Deep with in the darkened interiors of the smiths hot hellish shop is the creative force that has wrought both terror and exquisite beauty. Beauty and the beast are present in full attendance. An art not anywhere near as dead as once thought, the smithing of tools is unique to individuals yet, and not as nearly as gilded, but still thrives at least in areas where there is no other outlet for the soul. There are no colleges that may teach the ancient arts as they were once taught, through laborious enslavement of students, to produce the masters works, but there are yet some locations that still teach the art, and for this we can be thankful.

This article is not about the art of smithing, or about anything related to the art produced, but about the need for the art to continue. This is about the desire to make certain that the art continue, as with many arts, there is no other way but to afford to make it happen.

There are two aspects of the art, the making and the believing. When they are combined the art is fully realized. As with any type of craft, there is those that make them, and those that believe them, and there are those that breathe the art, who neither make nor believe but are and need neither for they are, and they are one with the making and the belief. There is no difference here. Some will smith many items, and many will be the works of art that they should be, and some will provide themselves with all the proof and the belief that they need, however there is some who will breathe life into the art, and it will not be a piece of art, or even a work of art, but a work of blood, sweat and tears that produces a master work that will take on its own life. It will be a signature, a composure that will be known by the very sight to be of one master, and therefore not bring always fame, but always respect for the work because the master lives within the art. It is not a matter of time spent pounding the anvil, or teasing the flame, but a combination of knowledge and talent that will bring about a spirit that breathes life into the finished work.

I am my own worst enemy for I am the gilded son who knows not the art, but the feel of the work in my vain, and yet I will not bring forth the work, but provide yet another form of propulsion, that is I will construct the means by which the art will be most finely performed, and performed again through generations yet to come. I will build the Brute Forge.

Accommodated by this construction will be the proportions that will provide the fuel for other such performance, and therefore once performed, will continue, as was will yet again be, the smiths guild. Not a place where one petitions or commissions the work, but one where the novice will be provided with the opportunity to petition the master for a work that is of their own worth. Perhaps this will be one whom desires so much the steel that they will devote their life to the art, or would be the dancer who would desire so much that they would commit themselves to other arts in such a way as to afford the cost that the piper demands. Either way, there will be no cost but save that of dedication and participation of intimate accord.

This story is relevant but irrelevant.

Have not I slogged through the winter of my time, coming in spring only to be renewed by the fervor to bring forth a new energy that will again rejuvenate the soul within me to again build up what was mine once. I will slog yet more winters, and continue to put mud to fire to fire the bricks of my making to build the enclosure that is of the private design. Herein this construction of a hell I will create a haven of proportion that will grant the master his facility to create. Within the bowels of this hellish hole will be birthed the new and grand formation of work that is more than the sum of the labor, but far more than this, it will be the division between man and his creation, created by his hand, but driven by something all together greater than he. A great semi circle with one open gapping mouth at the southern searing heat, and a blackened pot of hells fire directly opposite in the north that will belch forth massive waves of oppression, giving life from necessity to accomplish a common desire to complete the circle. The circle will be complete, and the although the southern face will be gapping for some degree, it will be molded and complete by the foundation that lies therein beneath. Encompassing forty foot from center point to any point of the boundary, it will be a massive construction with a towering tip reaching thirty-two feet at its summit. Yet that is only the mouth of the dragon. The body and tail will whip cord thereafter to the east will lie two of the feet of this stout serpent, joined to the body and tail as the other two feet there of will be more north west. On the back side of this dragons gullet will there be a mess, and this will provide the victims of this vile creature with their substance and means to complete their labor for their masters.

This creature of beastly construct will lie just north of a more graceful and eloquent construct which will then provide the not only the novice with greater opportunity to present, but will also provide more novices with opportunity to provide. However still, the damsel lies she will be fed from the beastly heat, with both loin and substance, giving her an intimate relation to the beast. Between them in the west will lie the impish cousin, from which will be put forth the solid ware of both the beast and the beauty, as well as the fodder for the four to devour in their reverence of the provision by the earthly mother.

Who might you ask is the forth, and what be his or her name. This is the sun a tower that rises upward 100 plus twenty feet above the mother, with a single stairway center that leads to many compartments of the darkest study. With no access to either air or to light, only the brave and most devoted souls will enter this ivory and ebony tower of such power that it will literary open the soul for eternity. This is a place of knowledge, and power, literacy, and literally. The four intertwined stairways will end in a single landing space that is one level above the final value, a bath that will sponge one of any dignity, or sense of pride. For in the bowels of this tower will churn the sweat of the solar concourse, and the condensation of the renewed evolution of the person that enters here once considered average, will now be broken until they can rise above their worldly matters and view from the apex all that is beautiful in the simplicity that is knowledge and skill. This is the not the final test though, one yet remains. Outside the constructs and circle of differences, is the temple, left bare and barren to the elements, it bears witness to the master and novice as one, none above, or below the other, all one in the eyes of the focus of the completed circle, be they smith or scholar, priestess, or shepard, all will be revealed, all will be revered, all will be one with the mother, the sun and the elements, forlorn or glorious as it may be at any time, regardless of the collective or singular desire of the flesh.

One is Oathbound to enlist herein. One must honor the truth and seek to guard the truth with life and limb. One whom enters here must regard that which is truest of all, that one is but a small part of what is the greater one, and that one will consume all.

The Throat of the Dragon

Once lit the fire is eternal. It must be constructed as such that it may continue burning for a life time and then for at least one more day. For such there are three times at which the throat may be flushed with in the year. Upon the hottest day of the year, upon the two twist of fate when birth is rule, or when death is evident. In any case the coke must be reserved and used to ignite the breathe of the beast after the third day of his fast. This is the only way, and no other way but st may be considered, as this would treat him with the reverence in which he must be attended.

Fodder for the Beast

Bequeath to him that which is his due, given his labor is the fruit of our making. In birth he is awoken with the oak, and fed the most desired harvest of the same. However the great tree is rare, and more so sacred to the mother of the beast and all whom dwell within her womb. Therefore fodder must be found, and this must be given in sufficient sacrifice as to appease his voracious appetite. Such as that it will whiten his teeth and provide the hellish grin needed by his neophytes. That such can be grown by the imps is truth that will bear some fruit and will therefore be repaid in provision of the sort. In the dark times there is a need to bank his stock and thereafter provide his hoary appetite with long night provision. During these times he may be lean, but not allowed to cough. Given this the beast will provide where no else will in the deepest cold darkness. However his neophytes may not more than feed him, no coaxing of his breath will therefore be permitted until after the birth fast. From this he will bear his teeth again with the sacred oak within his maw, providing the breakfast to any cold fast. Elm is the great gift of any breakfast of death fast. Long day fast will be broken with lesser trees, but not imp grass. If divided, the imps will provide the beast before the beauty, and therefore with knowledge that the beauty will fast with triumph in the beast belly, when the long darkness is passed, the maiden will be given her head and allowed to run as she was forestalled, free now of the beast' burden.

Servants of the Beast

Neophytes will apply to novice with a master of the beast. They will be tasked with the meager toil of sacrifice. They will whimper the toil, and therefore know the purpose of their existence. If they have passed the crest of this dawn, they will then be called novice, and be given the celebratory chorus that is accorded such elevation. Upon such they will also be given the choice to apprentice a master. If the master is worth their keep they will have chosen the apprentice for long into the novice calling. If neophyte is said to crush the air of the beast and they are winded by this the novice is dull and tasked with the toil of the newest neophyte until such can be determined by the priest(est) attending. All should reflect upon their choices in their questing, and understand the marriage they embark upon, before they petition the master of skills, or priest(est) of knowledges. All can commission the master's of skill, or implore the priest(est) if they have the proper atonement. They may be required to task for their inquiry, and may wish to reflect upon their query, and for this the temple is open to all for query, if not for reflection. If ceremony is progressed, and the quest is long and drawn, a template is therefore provided outside the greater circle, where the query can nurture their understanding to finite clarity with all due participation with the greater circle, and whom they attend. However there may be times where a neophyte is commanded, be it for what concourse, they will be rescinded and provided no recourse save the contractual restitution agreements for redress. Irreverence will not be given reprieve. They will be immediately accosted, trialed and metered by as provided by adjudication provided by their agreement when first entered into the great circle. Only the flesh will be reserved and provided respite for such indiscretion and therefore the law of what persist is enforced by that which faction there is holds such countenances and sway. This is always, and will not be whittled by any longer time or distance. The greater circle will be the last word, and from there the chill of exile from the great circle is the course, with whatever consequence and restitution theirs provided.

More to be concluded...JED

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