Monday, December 15, 2003

The New World Order
Bard’s Knowledge (Part 1)
I have investigated many interesting sites, and scanned their documents on the new world order. Unfortunately they miss some of the finer points of this whole scheme. For one thing there is not just one faction vying for the resources of this planet, but instead several. Also they do not look back far enough to investigate that which may have come before their particular investigation of the timeline. Third they are not looking at the basis of human nature, survival. These and other factors indicate that the battle for the New World Order is not as simple or nearly as complex as they would have anyone believe. There is not a single simple solution, but a very integrated one. I have spoken of this before, and have also spoke of the New World Order, as it could be, as that there once was a united community that existed in pre-modern times, and that these people were not nearly as unsophisticated as they have been made out to be. There was a different formula, and therefore a different type of technology, but the essence was the same. They however had something we do not; and that is a formula that establishes ones place within the scheme of life. They revered life, and they knew they were but one part of the entire ecology of life, if they did not have the terms to explain this in such a way as that we could now understand. We in this modern age look mostly to the information that we obtain from sources that may or may not report the whole information stream as they are commercial considerations that have their readership and advertisers paramount in interest. However they did have the same type of clientele to consider, as many people of the time were highly educated, while very many were not at all interested in any form of higher learning, therefore they had to find other ways in which to reach the various audiences. There fore they utilized many different forms of communications that we may have left to the technology of today to supplant.

Planetary Consideration
In case anyone was curious we do live on a single planet in a vast and very expansive universe, among many other vast universes that are nearly immeasurable. There are no borders that are not placed by our own hands. We create these political borders, although we may set them along natural formations to better establish their existence. However there is no such thing as any other country, there is only the land and the not land. We are not aquatic; therefore we live mostly on land, or in containers that will protect us from the vapors of the outside. When we fail to see this, we fail to understand that there is no difference anywhere but geographical ones.