Thursday, June 05, 2003

We Breathe Air

Just some things that were bothering me

It just seems to me that there is an awful lot of crap going on, and no one seems to be paying any attention to what is going down. There is all this idea of what is natural, and what is good for you, and no one seems to be able to make the distinction. Now here I sit trying to get something done, and I am faced with this constant nag about why it is so difficult to see, that which is as plain as the facts that we breathe air.

Not that natural is a difficult concept to understand, it is that natural can be applied to many things that are not precisely good for you. That is the basic problem, what is good for you. This should not be a difficult thing to figure out, really. We are a biological organism, and therefore if we continue to utilize non organic materials in and on our organism, we will either cease to be an organic organism, or we will cease.

We wear polyester clothes, cook on Teflon®, eat food made with poly-plastics, and clean our houses and our-selves with petroleum based chemicals, quite likely the number one cause of all the debilitating diseases we encounter.  They so thoroughly pollute our environment that even if we are to change we have already created irreparable damage.

The best part is that the earth has been here 500 billion years before we “landed” on this earth, and it will be here at least another 5 billion more before some cosmic event finally eliminates it.

The trouble is we will eventually make it impossible for our species to live here, even though the cockroaches and machines will continue to survive us. We may kill off every other life form, but we will only succeed in killing ourselves, and leaving a barren planet for the cockroaches and machines to populate.

Not that I am against machines (although I could live without the cockroaches, maybe) because they really represent the only hope we have of fixing the problems we face today.  Provided we can get beyond the fears and learn from our mistakes, not the fantasy of what might happen.


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