Thursday, June 05, 2003

Now We Are Just Consumers

Just a few more things that are bothering me

I visited the Tom’s of Maine web store and it had all these wonderful products on it that were made from natural sources.

Petroleum is a natural source, it is a perception thing. So we call those products that have an organic basis natural.  Those that are handled in such a way as to elevate them to the “Organic” level means they have been grown in such a way as to not have pesticides or herbicides induced into their ecosystem.  There is already so much of the toxic chemicals in the soil and the air, that the term “Organic” really means that it contains only so many parts per million of certain toxic chemicals.

Natural products are those that are generally believed to be from organic sources. These labels are tossed around and reinterpreted to fit whatever the marketing firms believe will sell on the mass market. Colgate® now has a beaver selling “natural” toothpaste on TV, while Tom’s of Maine has been selling natural toothpaste for years.

Then there is soap, a common enough product that really should be a “no brainer”, right.  When you get to the store, you read the label.  Of course you all read the labels and understand the stuff they put into a bar of soap.

So you want to know what PTFE is, well without getting really technical, it is Teflon® made by DuPont®. It is used in some food packaging to keep the food from sticking to the packages.

Does anyone remember the canary in the mine thing, if you have a bird and you use Teflon® pan to cook with; you will kill your bird.

We used to be smart, now were just consumers.


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