Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Interior of ONE

Dressed for the dance, and ready to fight, they slip in and out of the shadows coming from places we cannot find even in the light of this new dawn. We are powerless to see their mystical existence, they have learned over the millennium to hide in the plainest of views. Ah but I remember them from so long ago, their smell makes me gag still.

Have you any insurance, are you worth anything at all. If not, you will need not to worry your pretty little head about a thing; they dispatch their waste with supreme efficiency. And if you’re a pretty little girl you just might satisfy their hunger someday. Come one come all, let us all follow the leaders into the valley of ignorance.

Asleep are we that spin and circle in this conformity. Drinking our special liquid we call water. Zipping from issue to issue, not even sure what they mean, what it all comes to, before the next distraction comes along. Are you in for the ride, are you in, are you?

A door into another world opens in your living room, and you look away, and say it doesn’t exist. Another thousand doors into a thousand other worlds, and you are there sleeping next to your friend, who is already dead, drained of any life that might have been in him.

Pretty girls on the wall, boys in the hall, dream of the things they would do to them, if only they could reach for them. Hollywood projects the image of life that we want to live. It gives us hope, that we could all be beautiful. A young woman of some unusual reputation comes up to you and says, won’t you please walk the other way with me, and you run into the arms of your fantasy, bleeding from the brain. Time slips by, not long before you die, but what does it really matter you were dead long before that.

Sweet dreams…