Monday, June 02, 2003

Entry Point

I stepped of the train at a quarter to nine; it was raining, not surprising. Why the hell do they have that small space between the train and where the canopy comes out from the station. Is there some sort of message there? We don’t want you to forget what the rain running down the collar of your coat feels like. So we leave a three foot span of the platform uncovered so you will remember the feeling of cold rain drops running down the back of your neck.

Where was I, oh yea, stepping off the train.

 Right I had traveled from Oswego to Albany on business. I didn’t take to the air much any more, too much could happen too fast. Besides you can’t think on a plane, they are too hurried, too busy. My friends say trains are slow and old. Besides they say isn’t that your competition.

No, trains are not my competition, they are the logical regression, just as high-speed monorail is the logical progression from them. With the completion of the Oneida connection, we will have connected over three hundred miles of dual monorails in upstate NY.

By car it takes almost an hour to go from Syracuse to Oneida. By train it takes 45 minutes, by monorail 10 minutes, most of which is the spent in acceleration and deceleration. In two more years if Albany grants the right-of-way, we will complete the Oneida to New York Transit Hub Line. It takes four hours to travel to NY from Oneida by car, three by train and 11/2 hours by plane, if there are no layovers. By one stop monorail it will take 30 minutes. From Syracuse to NY in 45 minutes with one stop in Albany.

At this point it is a matter of who will call me to ask for their cut, so that I can get the legislator to move ahead on this. The beauty of a corrupt government is in knowing that it is so, therefore you can work within that parameter. If you were to assume that the government were noble and just, you will forever in optimistic bliss be ignorant and stagnate.

I do so detest these idiots that feel we need to change the status of our government. They need to change their idea of what the government is about. It never has been, nor will it ever be for the people.  Well except the people that are in government.

Do they still subscribe that we have built a new form of government that represents the people for justice and liberty for all. The reality is we have remanufactured, repackaged, and remarketed the Greek tragedy that was Athens. Politicians are human after all, and lets face it, underneath all humans are the same, self-preservation, be it shelter, or greed. The motivation may change according to the basic needs that have been met, but the results are the same.

As I said before trains give you plenty of time to think. I walked into the station at Syracuse, I had fifteen minutes to kill, why not play a little game I call who is the schizo. One out of ten people suffer from schizophrenia. It is posted on every type of mass transit in any average city. I call it tourist terrorism training, keeps the rural types on their toes, and gives me something to do while I wait for the rail to Oswego. There were at least forty people in the depot tonight. There must be at least four skitzos in here and maybe even a full-blown paranoid schizophrenic.


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