Thursday, August 01, 2002

A Passion for the Arts

A Prattle Brain Mystery

“The matron of the arts is here to see you sir,” the girl said.

“Well then, send her in, send her in” the man said.

“To what do I owe this honor?” asked the man?

“We are very interested in your recent acquisitions,” the matron said. “We were curious if you were interested in allowing the Guild to present them in a private show.”

“Ah, I see, for the benefit of the Guild perhaps” asked the man?

“Yes, well yes, for the Guild, but also for the House as well, of course” said the matron.

“Only in a private show then, not a public show,” the man said.

“The content is such that we do not feel that it would benefit the commoner in that manor, however it could be if you so desired, as the House may wish it,” said the matron.

“Yes as the House may wish it, that is perhaps the most precise manor in which you could present it,” said the man.

“Can we count on your participation?” The matron asked.

“Perhaps, I should want to think of the subject yet.” The man said.

“Yes, quite certain, you will let us know?” The matron asked.

The man just glared at the plump woman.

“I will just see my way out then, and await your request.” The matron said.

The girl appeared and escorted the woman out, quietly shutting the heavy oak doors behind her.

The man sat quietly in the darkened room, but he was not alone, his demons always were there, haunting him. I was there, awaiting his call, sitting in my chair, just outside the heavy oak and iron doors. Lord knows how he could live in such condition, always in the dusky darkness of his chambers. Who was I to ask, I just waited, how much better could I be, awaiting his call, from behind the heavy oak and iron doors.

Presently the girl returned she entered the chamber, shut the doors, and I saw her not for about an hour more. She came out of the chambers, disappeared into the curve of the hallway, and returned twenty minutes later with another maiden who bore a large serving tray, with a heavy silver tea set. They both went in, only the service maid returned in about ten minutes. She disappeared in the turn of the hallway. All was quiet for two more hours. Another hour and I would be off, some other man would come to take my place, until the time when some other man came to take his place, and I came to take the second mans place once again. In nearly ten years that I have served nothing has ever happened, nor was there any reports in the records as far back as they went, which was far, too far back for my own comfort.

I have had worst positions before, but never anything this quiet. Another half hour went by and still nothing from within the chambers. Not that you could have heard anything through the heavy oak and iron doors. I was to serve my time, not inquire as to the nature of what occurred in that time. All disturbances reported directly to the proctor that was all.

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