Monday, January 14, 2019


At some point you come to realize that most your life was spent thinking you were creative, and the truth was hidden because the people you count on to be honest are not.  If there is anything I learned from all these years wasted, it is that you can not trust the judgement of anyone, they all have their reasons to lie.

At least I can still do manual labor, but even that is rather outdated as the age of mechanism is upon us.  The more I think about it, the more I wonder why did I waste so much time, when I could have been such a good ditch digger.  Now there is nothing but waiting for whatever happens when I have no purpose.  I do not think I care enough to wonder too much.


Sunday, January 13, 2019

Elderscrolls VI

Bethesda must be under a lot of pressure to release the Elderscolls 6, especially after the debacle that Fallout 76, is and Fallout 4 was.  They have been so focused on trying to make some type of micro-transaction system work, that they lost track of the goal of just make great games.

With the cash they had they should have bought a couple of the mid grade developers from the app world, and then they could have gotten on the app train.  It is too late for that now, and they just do not have the in-house talent to get it done it seems.

So that leaves them with little option but to get back to the work they know they can do, making great games.  At least that is the thought of a reasonable person.  The trouble is the people that are at the top of the industry are not and have never been gamers.  They just do not have a handle on what makes a great game.    All they understand is charts of profit and loss.  They see other companies making money from apps, so they want to make that money.  They see mmo's and how much they make, and want to do that.  They are not those other companies, and they can not do what the other companies do, but they haven't figured that out yet.

Now I am not against the mmo, no I play them sometimes too.  The trouble is, if you are unable to make a decent mmo, no name will make it better.  They tried, ESO did not work, FO76 did not work, they have not successfully built a mmo that worked.  They need to come out with a game that is true to what they do, just to prove they are not out of the gaming business.  For instance when will the next Sims be coming out?  Not soon if ever, that brand is mostly dead, to complex and does not port into the console and app world well enough for the developer.

All the AAA developers seem to have started to fade, while indie developers sweep in to take their place.  This happened before, it will likely happen again.  Atarri is gone, except in name only.  Most of the big names in games from the early days are gone.  They were eclipsed by game studios like Bethesda when it first started to develope games.

Can Bethesda reinvent itself by going back to what they do best, make great games?  If they came out strong with Elderscolls VI, without the issues of the previous title, and a great port to console not the other way around, they just might redeem themselves.

It remains to be seen if they can get out of their groin long enough to see the crown.


Sunday, January 06, 2019

Taking Care Of Business First

Always take care of business first.  Even when dealing with friends, always take care of any business first.  Then you can sit back and do whatever else you want.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Breaking Up

I think to much, sometimes.  I know, how is that possible.  Well I can tell you it is.  Sometimes it is better to just let shit happen, and sort out the details afterwards.  However that too can lead to unwanted consequences.  Finding some balance is not often easy.  That is or should be the goal, to find balance between cognitive constipation and irrational impulse.

Bad habits multiply, so why does it seem that good habits seem to divide?  I do not know why, but that does appear to be the law of distraction.  Kind of wish the law of attraction worked half as well.  Once in the downward spiral, it becomes difficult if not impossible to show the momentum.  On the other hand, when climbing up, it seems there is no end to the work against falling down.

I know there is a breaking point somewhere, and I know I've been there, but getting over that, is an effort most are unwilling or unable to do.  Then there are those that seem to persevere no matter what.

I do not know the answer, but I am trying real hard to find it.


Sunday, December 23, 2018

Re: Amazon Hate Post

I feel like I was a bit bitter towards the Lifehacker site.  Not that it matters, they will never see my blog, and no one else will read it, so while those fuckers will make another 10k on their post about how terrible they feel about something, or how they are upset because they didn't get their package from Amazon in two days, I will remain anonymous.  Which is fine by me, I have better things to do than give a shit about such things.  Just sometimes I feel the need to say something, even if I know it won't make one bit of difference.

Ok, said my peace, off the box now and back to the same old bs I usually post that no one reads.


More Amazon Hate BS

Everyday I see some article bashing Amazon because they are a horrible company for (insert reason of choice here).  Now I am no fan of Amazon, but I am a prime member.  I have been a prime member pretty much since that service has been offered by Amazon.  I don't even use it all that much.  I buy a few things here and there, just like I but things her and there from Walmart.  If I wanted to be some type of elitist who sticks my pampered nose up at any low end retailer, yea both of the aforementioned retailers would be in my list, along with several others.  I am not, I am a realist in this respect.

I buy stuff I need, and I love on a fixed income (trying to fix that) so I shop at such places because they fit the budget I have.  I also do not want to waste a lot of fuel going from market to market trying to get the things I need.

Enough of my shit, now about Amazon being a horrible company.  Hell they most likely are not the best company to work for, what one is.  This article talks about mistreatment of workers.  Give me a break, please.  I've looked into working at an Amazon center.  It is not really any different than working for UPS or any other shipping company.  Yes it is fast paced, yes it is hard work, but sometimes hard work is all there is.  These people that work at Amazon are likely not people who have a master's degree in anything.  They are indeed labor.  They make fifteen dollars an hour picking products and putting them on a cart to be shipped.  Are you kidding me.  What kind of job do you have, oh that is right you are a blogger, and that means you make your living talking shit about other people you have no real connection to.

I was a computer technician for the better part of twenty years, now retired I talked care of my wife who had a debilitating disease.  That means she needs me to be there for her 24/7/365.  I would gladly take $15 an hour over the barely subsistence income the government expects my wife to love on.  I won't go into the whole BS about if I try to work full time, provide healthcare for my wife (especially of any quality), and pay our bills.  Just letting you know that before my wife got sick I was a full time working stiff.  And work I did.  I was on the road six days a week, usually from before the sun came up, and I rarely got home, if I got home, until way past sundown.  I rarely saw my wife or or children, and yet that made me a better guy.  I made more money, but paid it more money, so ready no further ahead at the end of the day.  Very often I came home, slept for for hours and left.  I might as well not had a home.  My money went into my account and out again to pay bills and expenses, and I'm not sure what else, I never knew what the family did.  On Sunday I slept most of the entire day waking up enough to take a shit, a shower, and put some food in my gut, so at 4am Monday morning I could get back on the road and fix the technology that makes all this shit possible, including the servers that run your blog.  At least if I worked for Amazon I would be home everyday, and though I might not have made quite as much money, I would not had spent quite as much trying to make that money either.

At least those people have jobs.  Amazon provides jobs for thousands of people.  Unskilled people who do not have a useless degree, or a student loan.  When I got my first job when I was 16 I earned $2.50 an hour waking dishes.  The cooks were assholes, the wait staff thought they were above all the back of the house.  The manager only cared that you showed up, and treated you like shit.  I cleaned up after elitist pricks like you, for barely enough money to spit at, and I was happy to get my check each week, so I could afford to have a like fun on my day off.  I've been a cook, I've built houses, I've repaired things, and kept the internet going for useless ignorant bleeding heart liberals like you all my life.

Sometimes you should consider that shit work is paid shit, because it is shit and someone had to do it so prissy pricks like you can decry the working conditions of people you would look at with disgust, especially if they didn't have a job, even if it is a shitty one.


Saturday, December 22, 2018

The Next Thing to Do

In the near future I am just going to travel around reviewing old taverns and inns.  I am going to start in upstate NY area, before branching out into wider areas.

Of course I will have to wait until I get my license thing taken care of.  I got a bunch of fine and other things to pay off yet.  Then they is the issue of the transmission on the trailblazer.  Those are relatively minor issues, once I can get some cash stashed.

I've got a storage unit full of stuff to sell, a wood stove, lots of smalls, and books.  Who reads books anymore?  What with readers from Amazon and others, ebooks are pretty much the thing.  Most of the book stores are gone, at least as far as I know.  There might be a couple of big ones left, but the little nook type places have completely disappeared.  Maybe in my travels I will do a small bit on hidden book stores too.

Yes so before I went on that rant about book stores I was trying to say, I have a lot of stuff to sell.  This will give me some cash to get some stuff done.  In the meantime, while I wait for the new year, so I can buy some lights, so I can actually take pictures of the stuff, and sell it, I am going to keep looking at things I can do to earn a bit of cash so I can buy the lights and sell my stuff.

Once I sell off all that stuff, I have another house full of stuff to sell, including a VW van, a tractor, and maybe a horse trailer.  That is just the big items, again lots of smalls, lots of books, and those types of things.

Get that stuff sold and fix up the RV, and then I, Arleta and the dogs are off to see things.  Nothing exotic or far way, just things around here, in upstate.  Day trips mostly, you know, a night over in some little place on the weekend.  Then I will write a little something about a tavern we stopped at, with pictures.  This is not a job, not a money making thing, it is something I just want to do for the hell of it.


Blog This

I was thinking of starting a blog, but I am not sure about what.  Seems there are a lot of them out there already, so I feel like I would just be one of millions.  How could I differentiate my blog from all the rest?

I think it is a lot of hard work.  First off if you blog even twice a week, you have to create content every week.  Then you have to work the social networks, like Twitter.  To make any money, not a lot of money but any money at all, you should have an affiliate account, like Amazon or commission junction.  Then you have to build readership, you need subscribers to build brand.

Mostly you have to blog about a niche someone, well a lot of someones, want to read about.  Then you have to consistently write about that niche at least a couple times a week.

Then the social networks.  You have to post your post to the social networks.  I've heard good things about Instagram.  I do not own a smart phone, or any phone for that matter, so I could not say anything about it.

I've had an Amazon affiliate account, but never had enough activity with it too keep it.  I am not that interesting, and pretty anti-social so I think that is not a good stream for me.

So I want to start a blog, but I just don't think it is something that will work for me.


Now I Can See

Lots of stuff went on today.  I got new glasses, bi-focals.  Apparently I am going blind.

We went to Shamir's and spent way too much of our holiday money on feta that is to die for, and black cardamom seeds.  Then I bought cloves and all the rest of the fixings for hot buttered rum.

The people at the liquor store were great.  I haven't purchased a spot of liquor in many years, and many of the brands have changed.  They provided me with a reasonable priced rum.  I have tasted it, and I do think it will work perfectly in our cocktail.  So far I think they have done me a great service.

I used to know much more, but now I am just as lost as, well I was never this lost, but at least now I can see.

We'll see how this goes, I will be trying to make them tomorrow.


Friday, December 21, 2018

Something More Better

I am trying to post a little more, yet I still hate swipe.  I guess hate is really to strong a word.  I just do not feel like it is the same as writing.  I especially like the feel of a fine nib as it snatches out words on the page.  It is almost like I am engraving the paper with the pen, only easier.

All in, I am waiting, for the light.  Not much else to do, just sit here, and watch more videos.  I can see a future for us, as slim as it is, it exist.  I like to think of the future, yet sometimes I think is there any future for us really?  I am never prepared for the worst, because no matter what happens it could always be worse.  How do you plan for that?

In the meantime; I wait, I think, yea soon, not real soon, but soon, we will get a break, and the ridiculousness will finally cease to plague us.

What nonsense is this, man you can tell I haven't had enough coffee.  I will try to post something more better later.